Tanning Secrets &  FAQ's

   *Tanning Secrets*

1.    Remove all makeup. A clean face tans best, a wet-wipe is provided.
2.    Always use a recommended indoor tanning product.
3.    Apply your favorite indoor tanning lotion. Best results when used also the night before.
4.    Tan gradually
5.    Avoid burning.
6.    Use after tan lotion or coolant.
7.    Wait at least 2 hours before bathing.
8.    Use tan extenders.

Tanning Facts:

-Did you know?
Tanning occurs gradually through the stimulation and oxidation of melanin in the skin during exposure to ultraviolet rays. UVB (shorter ultraviolet rays) trigger melanin production deep in the skin. When these activated melanin granules travel to the surface, UVA (longer ultraviolet rays) cause the melanin to oxidize and turn brown. Too much UVB causes sunburn or erythema.

Natural sunlight contains an uncontrolled amount of UVB (burning rays) whereas with indoor tanning you may control both the UVA/UVB ratio and your exposure time, giving you the correct balance for developing that deep, dark healthy and radiant looking tan.

-Developing a Base Tan:
If you have not tanned recently, you will probably need to establish a base tan. A customized program will be designed for you that combine a tanning schedule and variety of equipment with your skin type and individual needs. Up to 10 consecutive tanning sessions may be required to obtain a safe base tan.

Some individuals may see a skin tone change after only one to three consecutive sessions, however the average person requires seven to ten sessions to fully develop a great tan.

-Maintaining Your Tan:
Once achieving a good base tan, depending on your skin type and desired level of tan one to three sessions per week will maintain a deep, dark and radiant tan throughout the year. We stress that once you have achieved the desired level, why would you want to have to always start over? IT IS easier and more cost effective to maintain your tan year round just to control the depth and intensity of your tan.

Benefits to Tanning:

For most people, tanning is the best answer to exposure to sunlight. Having no tan, for many, is riskier in the long ran than maintaining a moderate tan all year long. And research shows that the positive effects of tanning outweigh the risks by practicing smart and moderate tanning. The SMART TANNER uses indoor lotions, never burns, uses after tan moisturizers and always wears protective eyewear.
Ultraviolet light is necessary for the production of vitamins A, C, D and E to name a few.
It has also been shown that exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) helps in the following areas:

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) –

Winter Blues or Cabin Fever sufferers have shown improvement with exposure to UV light.
•    Stress – UV light helps to decrease adrenaline levels and releases endorphins for the feeling of well-being.
•    Psoriasis- Approximately 80% of sufferers show improvement with UV exposure.
•    Acne- UV helps clear the skin.
•    Body Weight- Sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland which in turn boosts your metabolism.
•    Sunburn – Minimizes the risk of sunburn.
•    Most importantly, Vanity- A tan makes you feel good and look terrific!




Q: How long does it take to get a tan?

A: The answer to this question varies with individuals’ skin types, however on average building a base may take from 7 to 10 sessions. It is recommended that for optimal results that this be done on a daily and gradual schedule, using a quality lotion to aid in increasing your tanning potential and to help keep your skin feeling and looking healthy and soft.

To achieve your optimal tan it is recommended, that you start with clean and moisturized skin. Use a quality indoor tanning lotion and moisturize daily!


Q: Why do I need to wear eye protection?

A: First eye protection is required by law. The eyelid is very thin and does not effectively block UV light while tanning. Therefore at Body Works Salon the use of approved eyewear is required and provided.

However, it is recommended that the customer purchase their own eyewear, which we will gladly sanitize, so that the customer may feel comfortable that the risks of potential eye infections are minimized. At Body Works Salon, we sell California Tan peepers, sun globes and winkease. These eye goggles DO NOT CAUSE TAN LINES! Older types of eyewear did, modern eyewear fits snugly over your eyes (believe it or not eyelids do not tan) and do not cause the raccoon effect.


Q: Why use lotion?

A: The lotions sold at Body Works Salon are the finest products available. They have been specifically created for use in our various beds. These lotions are designed to deliver vitamins and minerals with maximum hydration. Your skin will react by being healthier and will produce more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that allows your skin to turn brown when exposed to UV light. When you use quality lotion, you will increase your skin’s tanning efficiency!


Q: How do lotions that contain simulators work?

A: Some tanners need a little help to break through their tanning plateau. They may choose to use a product that contains either niacin or walnut extract or such other ingredient commonly known as a tingle. A stimulating lotion will increase the micro circulation within the cells of your skin. This will allow a greater infusion of oxygen into those skin cells. The oxygen will help to oxidize more melanin at a more efficient rate. It’s much like exercising in the sun. Think of how much tanner you get when you are moving around in the sun as opposed to just lying down. WARNING! Only tanners with a good base should try these products. Simulators will cause the user’s skin to become flushed and itchy. Your skin will feel very hot and appear red or even purplish after tanning. These   effects will fade away in about 1 to 4 hours and leave behind great tanning results.


Q: What is photosensitizing medication?

A: A photosensitizing medication is a medication that when taken could cause your skin to become highly sensitive to UV light. Therefore if you are taking any medications please ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to continue tanning.


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