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Lyman Good MMA Fighter
Lyman Good MMA Fighter

Using The CVAC @ BodyWorksTanning

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Powered By CVAC
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Results Reported by Regular CVAC™ Users:

  • Increases Overall Stamina

  • Promotes Recovery & Regeneration

  • Reduces Swelling

  • Increases Overall Endurance

  • Gain an Improved Feeling of Alertness & Vitality

  • Accelerates Weight Loss While on Weight Loss Programs

  • Enhances Athletic Performance

  • Increases Focus, Concentration, & Cognitive Function to reduce “brain fog”

  • Sleep Restfully and Feel More Rested & Refreshed

  • Alleviates Jet Lag

  • Increases VO2 Maximization

  • Increases Hormonal Balance


About CVAC™ Systems

Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning  (CVAC™) is a patent pending process delivered by a CVAC™ system consisting of a pressure vessel and control unit. Over the past 20 years, CVAC™ has demonstrated both safety and effectiveness. While comfortable seating in the CVAC™, you safely undergo between 300 and 500 changes in simulated altitude during your 20 minute session. You will experience changes in pressure *your ears*, temperatures *as you go up –cooler, as you go down – warmer*, and oxygen *thinner air – less oxygen, thicker air – more oxygen*. Your body responds profoundly to your CVAC™ sessions. For instance, your peripheral blood flow improves right away; blood supply to all the major organs improves; lactic acid is greatly diminished; and there appears to be general lymphatic drainage occurring both during and after CVAC™ sessions. What results is a body that thrives and survives through any situation more efficiently than ever before. Reports improved vision, deeper REM sleep, stamina, strength, mental clarity, and overall physical and mental balance are common as you continue CVAC™ sessions. The results of your CVAC™ sessions are a building process; just like any solid exercise program. Significant results occur from taking regular CVAC™ sessions.




After a heavy workout, I had no pain the next day; there was no lactic acid buildup; I was stronger at the gym and my run was effortless.

-Jim Burt, Former New York Giant


I am a believer in CVAC™ now and I am looking forward to seeing even greater results.

-Viji Varghese, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer


In general, there is a feeling of being well, of being vital; it was as though I got out of bed several years ago, this morning.

-Harley Carnes, CBS Radio













We are also an Authorized worldwide distributor of CVAC equipment , to inquire call (201-312-7245) & ask for Nick

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