Competition Airbrush Tanning

-Getting The Competition Color-
The Body Building Competitors dedicate their life to looking their best for their competition. At BodyWorks Tanning Salon in Garfield NJ we realize that their tan is one of the most important factors that our Competitors are judged on so we chose Norvell Blackout Tan Airbrush Solution.

-Pre-Care Instructions-


For optimal results, we recommend showering prior to your arrival. Do not use any moisturizing soaps, the ingredients are known to clog pores leaving uneven patches of color.
Manicure and Pedicure:  A clear coat on both your fingernails and toenails is necessary, due to the strength of the product.
Exfoliate:  This removes dead skin cells to help the natural renewal process. A product designed for sunless tanning is recommended, like Pro Tan’s Get Buffed.


Shaving or waxing of any kind should be done no more than 24 hours in advance.


To insure both color and fade, please do not use the following prior to your Sunless/Airbrush session:
•    Lotions
•    Perfume/cologne
•    Deoderant
•    MakeUp

-What To Expect-

This will leave your skin prepped and ready for maximum color absorption. A gentle exfoliating treatment that our artist applies to your skin immediately before your airbrush to remove any dead skin cells, dirt, oil or sweat from your pores.. Our glycolic primer is designed to tighten and firm your skin.

Moisture Lock:

A liquid moisturize applied to your skin immediately after applying your color, restoring essential vitamins and nutrients back to your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and silky. The treatment will help the airbrush last longer.


We recommend that you come wearing dark, loose fitting clothing or wear swim trunks that have the same coverage as the trunks that you will use for your competition. Turn clothes inside out so you do not get seam lines. Wear open toe shoes if the weather permits. If it is raining, it is recommended to wear long sleeves, loose pants, socks, shoes/rain gear. NJ State Law requires that undergarments be worn during an Airbrush Session. We provide our guests with disposables to wear during their customized airbrush.

-Post-Care Instructions-
Avoid contact with water. If you want to work out, a light workout is recommended, you cannot sweat profusely and must avoid cardio. Your skin will not take to the color if you do ANY cardio! Do not touch any area that is sprayed.
Your feet will feel tacky, this is normal. Pro Tan can sometimes discolor certain materials, so it is recommended to not use your best bedding or any valuable clothing.

Do not shower until right before your next session. We recommend that if the competition is on Saturday, come in Thursday night and a quick cool water rinse Friday right before coming in. No soaps or shampoo can be used!
Air dry or pat dry are showering. After the final appointment, you cannot shower until the competition is over. You cannot use any types of oil or PAM, this will make you sweat and may discolor your skin.