Company History

Company History:

Circuit Tanning Program – Developed by Body Works Salon so that indoor tanners can achieve their individual optimal results through a unique rotation process utilizing various types of tanning equipment from the standard UVB bed. VLR, VHR, Standup units, Cross Tech Beds and High Pressure beds in combination with the finest tanning products. The Circuit Tanning Program helps the Program helps the customer achieve an even, well balanced tan, which minimizes pressure point marks and is easily maintained.


Since the advent of indoor tanning, the tanning industry has seen continual surges in growth patterns. Over the last decade, salons have increased in numbers as image conscious consumers seek to obtain a dark tan at their convenience. From service packages to products, customers have a wide variety of choices to allow them to achieve superior tanning results.


Not all tanning sessions nor all tanning salons are comparable and the smart consumer should check out the differences.


Lynn and Nick Nasarenko recognized the need for a first class tanning salon in New Jersey created Body Works Salon which through their Circuit Tanning Program provides state of the art tanning beds, giving consumers the latest tanning technology and setting the industry standard for other salons to meet. In addition Body Works Salon offers the finest assortment of tanning products and accessories available so that customers may have everything necessary to enjoy and receive the full benefit from their tanning experience.


Body Works Salon was founded in 1998 at 3 Passaic Street, Garfield, New Jersey. Since its inception Body Works Salon has positioned itself to be the premier salon not only in the greater NY-Metropolitan area, but in the tanning industry itself, continuously voted one of the “Top 250 Tanning Salons in the County” by Looking Fit Magazine.


Body Works Salon, equally if not, more important than out state of the art tanning equipment, is Body Works Salon’s commitment to our valued customers is to provide them with the ultimate tanning experience through our Circuit Tanning Program. Our computerized tanning software has a customer profile to aid our certified tanning staff in serving our customer base, as well as tracking their tanning history. With the click of a fingertip, our certified tanning professionals can review the customer’s skin type and history in order to educate them to the safest and most effective way to achieve their desired tan through our unique Circuit Tanning Program.


Body Works Salon emphasizes staff education as a top priority. All our staff, including our bed cleaners are encouraged and required to not only learn about different skin types and the tanning process, but the effects of every product we sell. Our certified tanning professionals do participate in tanning courses conducted by approved tanning organizations, as well as instruction in the salon.


It doesn’t stop there. Before a customer walks in a tanning room, the bed has been thoroughly sanitized with hypoallergenic solution to ensure maximum cleanliness not only with our state of the art equipment but within the private tanning room.

At Body Works Salon, our customers are provided with a state of the art tanning facility which offers the following amenities:

  • Computerized front desk with customer registry, history and remote equipment start and stop.

  • Ceramic tiled floors throughout the salon, for optimal sanitation.

  • Private rooms with a central sound system, central air-conditioning, as well as many of our tanning beds are equipped with their own air-conditioning systems.

  • Telephones in each room, cloth towels, tissues, deodorant.

  • The largest stock of indoor tanning lotions, moisturizers and tanning accessories of any salon in Northern New Jersey.

  • Even a tasty treat after your tan!

The customer is then advised how to achieve their optimal results through our Circuit Tanning Program of tanning rotation in various tanning units, ie. Stand-up, medium pressure beds, high pressure beds and standard UVB beds. The customer, by utilizing the various tanning units, is able to achieve an even, well balanced, and natural looking tan which further minimizes the pressure point makes which are coming in lay down beds and stand-up units. Computerizing the customer’s activity enables our certified tanning technicians to review and evaluate each customer’s progress and make adjustments so that they may achieve their desired tanning results.


Overall, Body Works Salon strives to ensure that our customers receive more than just a tan… at our Circuit Tanning Program provides the ultimate tanning experience with the best state of the art equipment and finest tanning amenities that keeps them coming back for more!

DON’T BE FOOLED AND MISLED by imitators; come to the salon that set the standard for all others to meet!